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 I started Jordan’s more than two decades ago in Prichard Place Housing parking lot on Fort Knox, KY with two boxes of tint and a lot of determination.  Working only on the weekends, with a solid military customer base, I quickly realized there was an opportunity to make this my dream business.  I poured my heart and soul into my business.  I made it my mission to understand how the tint business works, improve my installation skills and within six months, I open a shop in Radcliff, KY.  After serving four years in the Army, now full-time, Jordan’s transformed with the times to jump on the Mobile Electronics wave in the late ‘90s.  My passion, attention to detail, personal customer service, and quality and have catapulted  Jordan's WINDOW TINTING and Accessories into Hardin Co. and surrounding areas leading provider of window tinting and mobile electronics ever since.

From the start, Jordan’s has used its personal customer service, quality and attention to details approach as part of the company’s foundation.  Built upon positive values and ethics, Jordan’s is not only great place to work, it’s also a great place to get your vehicle service.  Since opening in 1995, our mission has been to provide personal customer service, quality and attention to details to every customer, every install, every time. Staying small, Jordan’s can still stay successful and always have that personal customer service. Where every customer and Install receive the VIP treatment!  Always researching and keeping up with the newest technologies, so we can offer you the best quality products with up-to-date installations.  I believe what sets me apart is my concern with my craftsmanship and attention to details.  I’m the main installer, I see and touch every job that comes out of my shop.  I love installing, it never gets old, all my adult life I’ve been owning and operating my dream business.

My first tint installation was in 1989 on my 1986 Toyota Corolla. It took two or three times until I was happy with the tint, I thought to myself, "I’m good at this."  The next month, I saw a help wanted ad in the paper for Experienced Tint Installer.  I stop by the shop, at first the owner said, “no I can’t hire you, I’m looking for someone with experience.”  I told him that I tinted my car last month and asked if he wanted to look at it?  After looking it over, he didn’t believe I did it myself. I explained the way I did it and he laughed and said, “come in tomorrow at 9 am and I will show you a better way.” I started out cleaning the windows, removing old tint, and holding the light. I felt like Daniel-san off the Karate Kid, “wax on, wax off.” Little by little the main installer started teaching me and less than two months, it was second nature, I was installing back windows and front strips.  I quickly realized that my height and size was to my advantage, especially in smaller vehicles.  As I learned more about tinting, I knew this was my dream job!

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