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Automotive Series Window Film

PREDATOR (Color-Stable)

The Predator Series features a 1.5 mil dual-ply, signal friendly construction.  A non-reflective, color-stable film that offers great optical clarity.  Predator provides both the installer and consumer a choice that will last a lifetime.

Available in 35%, 15%, 5%.  Predator turns your rear window into a showcase - match your vehicle o personal style. 

SHIELD (Nano-Ceramic)

The Shield Series ID features a 1.5 mil dual-ply, Nano-ceramic construction.   Shield ID Nano-Ceramic film window tint is designed with you in mind.  Offering the ultimate in UV protection, it achieves the highest heat rejection at any point on the Nanometer Solar Spectrum. Available in 35%, 15%, and 5% for exceptional heat rejection.

Home/Commercial Series Window Film


The Element Series provides excellent IR and heat rejection without compromising your style.  Element offers a neutral and transparent color choice designed to improve the comfort inside your home or business.  The spectrally-selective film give you the choice of both style and performance.


The Spirit Series provides a dual reflective design that performs from the outside while enhancing the view from the inside.  With a natural earth tone, Spirit is not only decorative, but also offers exceptional heat rejection and glare control that is perfect for today's residential architecture.

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